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" Oolong " frequent   these are the rumors of a child is false – Beijing Channel – People’s original title: These are the rumors that the child is false! People, Beijing, September, (reporter Xiao Jinbo) recently, Chongqing, Hebei, Handan, Sichuan and other places related to steal the child, the rumors sparked concern netizens. After the public security investigation found that due to the "wrong" and "wrong" and other reasons, these rumors are "oolong". Chongqing Hechuan: network culture and Art Center Square "grab the doll" according to the Hechuan public security bulletin, September 25th evening, Hechuan District Public Security Bureau nanjinguan Street police station received the alarm call "Hechuan people’s Square, people compete for children". Alarm police rushed to the scene quickly. After investigation, 8 o’clock that night, Yang Tang, a girl in the square with their own play, the girl out of sight after two people in the square to find, when you see a clothing and physical characteristics similar to the girl, two people ready to be taken away, causing the other family misunderstanding and alarm. In the investigation, the police will be both about children together, both parties see the clothing of the two aspect to eliminate misunderstanding. Source: Hechuan public security Sichuan WeChat Suining: enthusiastic people online posting said the South District suspected traffickers turn to grab the child in September 26th, according to the Suining Municipal Public Security Bureau of Sichuan Province branch Chuanshan official micro-blog reported: "there are 25 people online posting said the south area suspected traffickers turn to grab the child. The actual situation by the Bureau of investigation and verification, Hwang is in the Southern District of a nearby supermarket to feed two grandchildren, because the time is at 2 pm, by passing Chen CAI and mistakenly believe that the child is to feed the child to grab the mute medicine, after the alarm. After the police quickly remove misunderstanding." Hebei Handan: "in Feixiang" stolen child "video in the local WeChat circle of friends spread according to the Handan Municipal Public Security Bureau official WeChat bulletin, September 25th at noon, Feixiang County Public Security Bureau police station received the command center, the old shop:" Zhao Moumou police said the theft occurred together in the old Township village northwest of their own store". Police on duty rushed to the scene, the 27 year old deaf mute Moumou arrested. The investigation: at noon that day, the suspect Yan Moumou, he rode a motorcycle to go into the city of Handan County in Xingtai City, passing through the township northwest high old village Feixiang County store, found a wallet in the victim Moumou shop at the entrance of an electric car. After two deliberations, by Yan Moumou Moumou pretend shopping around, from where a theft. Since Yan Moumou is deaf, in the shopping process of Zhao Moumou and holding the child pointing to Zhao Yan Moumou to mistakenly think that bad for children. At the same time, he will steal Zhao Moumou electric car wallet, at the door of passers-by found, where a motorcycle run and the wallet to the side of the road. Then Yan Moumou was rushed to the masses control and alarm. At present, Feixiang police are organized police to increase the investigation of the case, while taking measures to implement the arrest of hemou. And Jun remind, "grab the child" rumors affecting the people, spread rapidly, many friends were blinded to misinformation. False information, not only will reduce people to the whole)相关的主题文章:

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