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Reference-and-Education Equipment for a Pre-School Equipment should help the child in his physical growth. Young children in the beginning do not need many play things. Only selected few things may be provided to them. Variety may be added later as the children grow up. For play the major equipment is the toy which small children need to give expression to their spontaneous activities. The toys enable them to give outlet to their emotions. On the educational side, equipment provides a basis for activities and encourages the child for actions. It also sharpens childs power of perception and extends his knowledge of world. The child also projects himself through the equipment which is very important for his effective development. The equipment must be suitable for the age group and the activities in which it is to be used. The aim of the schools should not be to accumulate a large number of equipment but they should be able to put it to use. The equipment must be physically strong. The equipment which is easily broken and does not stand up to rough treatment may not be selected. Parents Participation It is one of the basic requirements of preschool education by which a student get fully homely environment. The early childhood care and education curriculum should be based on a close relationship between parents and the school authorities. By educating the parent, a Pre-School teacher is indirectly educating the child. But a teacher must remember to start with a positive approach. By optimist approach teacher should treat the children and parents. Not only the children but the parents could also participate in the school activities, this must be maintained by the school authority. This could be a good alternative for the parents who are working and otherwise not able to devote more time for their children. In case there are any children with special needs, the Kindergarten teacher can help the parents and families by referring them to specialized counselors. Each family has different needs and culture. Teacher must respect cultural differences and family values. An understanding and sensible teacher should offer assistance to parents to develop close rapport. But most of the schools are situated far away from home and as most of the mothers and fathers are working, it becomes very difficult for the teacher to maintain contacts with the parents. This may pose challenge, but is manageable. Parents do have expectations from the school and many working parents believe that once they get their child admitted in the school, it is only school authorities who are responsible. Therefore, there is a need to involve parents in the early childhood education and it is always good for a pre-school teacher to educate a child by educating the parents. Nevertheless, the pressure and interference of the parents with regard to school programme, activities and procedure, should be politely but firmly, and brushed aside. In Early Childhood Education (ECCE) parent involvement means encouraging them to participate in classroom activities, as well as in a variety of school educational programmes, so that there is totally unanimity between the school and the home about how best to accelerate learning. Parents must share the concerns and suggestions of the teachers who in turn must accept the feedback and difficulties of the parents. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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