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Entrepreneurialism The Battle for Your Heart: Who are the winners and losers in this new Purpose Economy? The Evolution Of Differentiation Looking back over the past few decades, the winners have typically been companies that have beaten the trap of commoditization, which is a process where one product or service is indistinguishable from competing products or services, and is therefore evaluated by consumers on price alone. Whats more, the exponential growth of technology has also spawned the trap and spread the curse of commoditization. In their seminal book The Experience Economy: Work Is Theater & Every Business a Stage (Harvard Business Press, 1999), authors Joseph Pine and James H. Gilmore argued that the only way to save our economy from devolving into one dominated by commodities was to evolve from selling products and services, into packaging and delivering experiences. And they were right! Starbucks and other premium cafs are simple examples of this evolution in practice. Theres a reason why everyone from tweens to seniors are spending $5 (often more!) for a product that they can buy from a conventional coffee shop for $1 or $2, or make at home for even less. Yes, the quality of the product matters; but its essentially the experience that commands the premium. However, evolution is by definition not a static phenomenon, and now, nearly 15 years after we embraced the Experience Economy, its time to embrace the next chapter in differentiation: Purpose. The New Battle One of my favourite books of all time is positioning: The Battle For Your Mind (McGraw-Hill 1981) by Al Ries and Jack Trout. The premise of the book is that in an over-communicated society, the way to succeed is not to focus on more communication, but to create a position in a prospects mind. That is, the winners of the new Purpose Economy are the businesses that are perceived to care for, and love, their clients and community the most; i.e. the ones perceived to have the MOST heart. On the other hand, the losers in the new Purpose Economy are the businesses that are perceived to care for and love their shareholders and profit the most; i.e. the ones perceived to have the LEAST heart. Givers Guilt Doing Well Vs. Doing Good: Its easy to say that you should build your business around a bigger Purpose. Yet in reality, its hard to do. As a big-hearted entrepreneur, Ive had an issue for years which I call Givers Guilt. Let me know if this sounds familiar: For every dollar you make, do you keep it, or give it away? For every spare minute of time, do you do something for yourself, or for someone else? Theres guilt on both sides of this equation: creating a better life for yourself and your family, vs. creating a better life for others. For most profit-focused entrepreneurs, the idea of sacrificing profits is a deterrent to building a Purpose-Based organization. Increased competition, shrinking profit margins and diminishing customer loyalty makes it already difficult enough for entrepreneurs to stay afloat, let alone worry about purpose! In their eyes, Purpose will cost money and time that they dont have. Their Ignorance Is Your Opportunity Lets keep this as our little secret: Ive discovered a way to use Purpose as the key to skyrocketing your profits, eliminating your competition, increasing margins, and dramatically increasing client loyalty to the point where they will love you. What Ive found, is the Holy Grail to success for the next decade. In fact, Ive developed a step-by-step formula for making this happens and itll be revealed to you in a few days About the Author: By: create global future – Compassionate capitalism is the synthesis of the ideals of communism where the correct distribution of wealth was intended but under the principles of work, taking opportunities and fair economic reward. 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