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There is nothing wrong with shocking the world of Internet Marketing by Google Penguin and efficient Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices. The main reason behind this is that people want to make a quick buck. They follow unethical ways in digital branding , resulting in disloyalty of customers, hurting genuine brands and lowering efficiency of search engines. Google Penguin was rolled out keeping in mind the ongoing war against Black Hat SEO Techniques (unethical SEO processes), making incorrect websites to be among the top search results that a search engine brings up. Google aims at providing recognition and justice to authentic websites, making sure they are in the top search results. Every business organization utilizes digital media to expand their influence in todays competitive and fast-paced market. Expansion should not mean going against the rules and regulations of internet marketing technology. A lack of understanding of conventions and rules leads to websites being penalized by search engines. Most website owners aspire to see favorable results of a Genuine SEO (White Hat SEO Technique) process in a short time frame. The fact of the matter is that it takes time for a search engine to improve your websites ranking in the search results. Some of the factors enhancing the visibility of a website include Quality of website (Design and Business Content) Competition with niche business (number of websites targeting the same goal and audience) Technical skills of the Digital Agency running the campaigns Demand for the product or service offered in the current market Most Internet Marketing Companies optimize websites, aspiring to be the top in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. As per the Alexa Traffic Rank, Google is used by a major portion of the users in the world. Special emphasis is obviously laid on optimization for Google. There are two types of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques: White Hat SEO Black Hat SEO White Hat SEO techniques are processes which are ethical and usually practiced. Strictly following the rules and regulations framed by search engines, either On-Page or Off-Page Optimization for campaigns is always governed by accepted principles of Internet Marketing Technology. A White Hat SEO approach ensures success with time. Black Hat SEO are unethical and not to be practiced. Achieving a good rank in the results of a search engine in less time, almost always involves playing tricky games with a search engines algorithms. Ranking, though acquired in the shortest time, is risky as the risk of penalty from search engines is high. Indications to let you know that your website has been penalized by Google Penguin include The amount of traffic to the website is suddenly lowered and will be consistently low when compared to traffic before April 2012 (the rollout date of Penguin). Search results with particular keywords will see a sudden drop from searches on search engines. Receiving a warning e-mail from Google regarding unethical activities for promoting a website is also an obviously valid indication. Search algorithms will vary for individual search engines. However the main goal of search engines is to provide sufficient and accurate search information to their users. To be in the good books of search engines, make sure that you support their objectives. Providing them the correct information in the right manner, aids your website. This information should also be user specific and search engine friendly. About the Author: Bluegrass Studios is a leading internet marketing agency based in USA, France, UK and India. It provides branding solutions through website development, social media marketing, graphic design, search optimization, digital branding, email campaign management and more. Article Published On: – Branding 相关的主题文章:

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