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Travel-and-Leisure Sydney, the largest and the most populous city in the Far Eastern region, is a symbol of cultural diversity. Sydney is like just another metropolis in Australia but one thing that makes it unique is its tolerance and tendency to include various cultures from different parts of the world. The city has witnessed different waves of immigration over a period of time started in late eighteenth century. The city of Sydney had played an excellent host for these cultures. In return, these immigrations have forged the cultural arena of the city in a globalized way. The culture of the city is primarily influenced by its western counterparts because of the various invasions and the geographical location of Australia. Even today, Sydney is one of the most sought after tourist destination in Far East. People from different continents catch sydney flights booking everyday to experience the cultural vibrancy of the city. Sydney can safely be called the art and cultural capital of Australia. With its rich artistic arena and a vibrant musical, theatrical & literary scene, Sydney is the biggest seat of creativity and arts in the whole of the Far Eastern region. Sydney is also the seat of the worlds biggest opera house, Sydney Opera House which is the Mecca for all opera or broadly all music lovers. Its a modern architectural marvel situated on Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbor, very close to the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Sydney is highly renowned for its rock scene, especially Alternative Rock and a rock festival was started in the city in 1992 which has become a national level event now attracting bands from all over Australia, New Zealand and some other countries. Apart from alternative rock, jazz is another favorite music genre for Australians. The city also holds Sydney Festival every year, which is the largest performing arts festival in the whole country. Sydney festival incorporates practically every art form such as music, dance (classical as well as contemporary), theatre, visual art and new media. Sydney is also a home to many museums and art galleries which showcase contemporary art, visual art, paintings and sculptures etc. A trip to the city of Sydney is bound to be a complete delight for every art lover ever existed on this planet. So if you are one of them, pack your bags, catch flights to Sydney and experience the biggest center for arts in the Far East. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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