the kittens are safe 广州沙面岛火灾 奥迪为广告道歉

UnCategorized Weve all seen the headlines: bass fishing trip saves marriage or bass fishing saves kittens, but until recently there was no real cause to believe it besides the idealism of anglers that wanted their sport to take over the world. As it would turn out, though, a bass fishing trip could save your marriage and bass fishing certainly saves kittens as well because if youre out there fishing, the kittens are safe! This might seem absurd at first, but a bass fishing trip really can make a great deal of a difference in the lives of people. Sitting and relaxing out on the water while fishing is a life-altering experience for many and changes the perspectives and ideas of millions each year. Once you go bass, it is said, you never go back. There is something revealing about it all as you let the cool water breeze drift over you and take it all in until that last moment of peace is shattered by the screams of a bass on the fishing line. Then your peace gives way to excitement, and rightfully so. You are here for action, and there is no greater action in the world than the battle and the struggle between a man and the fish on his fishing line. Without this struggle, a bass fishing trip would be meaningless and frankly, life would be meaningless to many of us. For many, taking a fishing trip is not just another weekend away; it is a rite of passage and a religious experience. Freedom The feeling of freedom one can get from being out on the water with just a pole and a line separating you from mans greatest wonder (the bass) is overwhelming and many an angler has vowed to never leave the lake and never leave behind the sport that keeps the fire in their blood from burning out. Separating an angler from his lake is like separating a mother from her child: painful, unnecessary, and a great deal of trouble. Many people take trips to Mexico or Florida or other exotic destinations to get away from it all, but those places are useless to an angler if they cannot find a place to put a boat into water and find some bass to catch. The finest hotels are nothing in comparison to a tent in the woods for the fishermen of this world, and they wouldnt have it any other way. Finding peace is a goal for many and many an angler has found peace the likes of which we may never find in our own lives. We have a lot to learn about bass fishing and life from the story of the angler and taking a great bass fishing trip is a good start. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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