Hardware One friend got a new IBM ThinkPad 中甲美女老总上任 中印边境对峙

Hardware One friend got a new IBM ThinkPad, with this 9 cells 42T4511 Laptop Battery . This is the first laptop for him. So he is really cautious with this new laptop, especially the battery, for he travels a lot. He wanted to know how to maintain the laptop battery. Notebook computer can be said that the most important source of inspiration. No batteries to provide energy, you can not complete the special requirements of mobile office. Then we can at best laptop in the hands of a mobile PC Bale. The laptop battery maintenance and use of skills has become the most difficult thing for most consumers. Now in use and maintenance of laptop batteries have been divergent views on this issue, I now combine their experience and consult the product winning customer service center engineers battery after the battery use and maintenance of this situation, and so a brief introduction, and friends will be thoroughly discussed in the laptop battery maintenance and daily use in some existing misunderstandings do some corrections, hoping to help our friends. However limited, the article, if oversight is also expected beg the indulgence of our friends! After the purchase, laptop battery needs more than three consecutive 12-hour continuous charging, to prevent memory effect. Many people suggested this friend to have his 42T4511 Laptop Battery charge like this. With the gradual improvement of manufacturing processes, such as lithium-ion battery charging features constant current charging time control of their depth in 4 hours, there is no need to charge the phone battery laptop battery up to get the law, laptop battery is dead on the charge Every two weeks or a months time resting, will conduct a deep discharge laptop battery, the term sounds a little scary, in fact, battery-powered, no electricity and then used directly on the computer automatically shuts down on it. However, the number of times the depth of discharge should not be too frequent. Thus, its not difficult to find a replacement for a battery. Like this 42T4511 Laptop Battery , you can find the compatible one online very easy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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