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The Secrets Of War, Free Mini-story On Xicas Blog By: Marianne B. Conway | Oct 9th 2013 – A U.S. Solider writes notes in his personal journal during the Iraqi war, He shares his concerns over his ability to be a good husband after he returns home, because of all that he knows, and all that he has seen. Tags: The Impact Of The Iraq War On America’s Prestige And Finances By: Julie Thompson | Mar 8th 2012 – Judging from the figures presented by a non-partisan study on the Iraq War by Juul and Duss of Center for American Progress it seems that considering the loss in monetary terms and human factor the war was neither successful and neither was the policy worth the salt. Tags: Prevalence Of Addiction In Iraq War Veterans By: Skip Braintree | Sep 16th 2011 – The prevalence of addiction and alcoholism in Iraq War veterans is disturbing considering that many of these vets developed drinking or drug problems as a result of trauma related to their service. For those troops who are still active military members this can be especially troublesome, as admitting a drug problem (or get … Tags: How The Iraq War Has Caused A Backlash By: C. Read | Mar 7th 2011 – There has been a backlash in the Arab world against the United States as well as other nations who supported the Iraq War. This was a war that the United States and some allies entered into to rid the world of the possibility of Saddam Hussein getting his hands on weapons of mass destruction. Tags: Bush"��s "��conclusion Points"�� Tops Time"��s Very Best Advertising Textbooks By: Larry Wall | Jan 6th 2011 – The Decision Factors penned by no not as much than former President of United states George W. Bush topped listing of New York Periods"�� greatest marketing guides after its release a month ago. The e book is targeted close to his personal everyday life, relatives, most consequential decisions during his presid … Tags: Movie Reviews – The Hurt Locker By: srk | Sep 27th 2010 – Movie Reviews this week looks next to the Oscar-winning, hard-hitting Iraq war drama The Hurt Locker. It stars Jeremy Renner (28 weeks later) as Sergeant First Class William James, an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) bomb disposal expert, who has been sent into Bravo Company, next to Camp Victory. Tags: 4hours New Music Video La La La Must Be The Music Iraq War By: Robert Evans III | Aug 14th 2010 – 4Hours La La La music video was made about the trials and tribulations that men and women go through when at war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It Must be the music that gets 4Hours a great reception online Tags: 4hours New Music Video La La La Must Be The Music Iraq War By: Amy Eve | Aug 14th 2010 – 4Hours La La La music video was made about the trials and tribulations that men and women go through when at war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It Must be the music that gets 4Hours a great reception online Tags: 4hours New Music Video La La La Must Be The Music Iraq War By: Bill Bikes | Aug 14th 2010 – 4Hours La La La music video was made about the trials and tribulations that men and women go through when at war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It Must be the music that gets 4Hours a great reception online Tags: Hitch-22: A Memoir By Christopher Hitchens By: Prasoon Kumar | Jun 17th 2010 – It is extremely difficult to describe the book Hitch-22: A Memoir By Christopher Hitchens because it appears to be an autobiography in some ways, though the author Christopher Hitchens is not that concerned about the intricate details of his own life. He loves to discuss more about the ideas that have proved to be a driving … Tags: Internet News Channel Provides Insight On Your Choice Of Info By: Kristi Ambrose | May 20th 2009 – If you want to specifically search for certain media, a site search engine on the top right hand side of the page allows you to research anything from the Iraq war to the latest about North Korea and more listings of current events that have been reported and written about. Tags: A Wobbling Gift Idea For Army Man’s Wife By: Dustin Wai | May 18th 2009 – Women wedded to army men, quite often, have to spend lonely time waiting for their hubbies to return from duty. Be it in Afghanistan or Iraq, war on terror has taken its toll on the mental health of army men’s wives. Tags: Where Have All The War Jobs Gone? By: Bobby W Miller | Jun 4th 2008 – The Iraq war has cost us all a great deal. In terms of the taxes, we"��ve paid heavily towards invading Iraq needlessly, and we continue to pay towards the ongoing war effort. In terms of the economy, we"��ve paid the price thanks to NAFTA and service contract outsourcing. Tags: The Impact Of The War On The American Economy By: Bobby W Miller | Jun 4th 2008 – The Iraq war was one of the most disastrous foreign policy decisions of the last few decades, and citizens across America and the world have looked on with horror as politicians and power got out of hand. Tags: How You Can Help Save Thousands Of Us Soldiers In Iraq By: Ozzie F. | Apr 4th 2008 – No matter what argument the USA government has put forward on why they had to do the Iraq war, it’s obvious that OIL is one of the reasons for the war. Tags: The Iraq War | Five Years Later And We Are Still There By: Jill Gauntley | Mar 20th 2008 – The 2003 invasion of Iraq was led by the United_States, backed by the United Kingdom’s British forces and smaller contingents from Australia and Poland". The invasion launched the Iraq War; it is over 5 years later and we are still there with no end in sight. Tags: The Bush Doctrine Works By: C. Read | Dec 22nd 2007 – The Bush Doctrine works when it is applied properly. It follows in the same path laid out by past US hegemonic aspirations at new world orders. Tags: Petroleum Vs. Biofuels By: Josh Skandar | Nov 11th 2007 – Natural fuels are a hot topic, but the drawback is that they aren’t competitive, price-wise. They still need taxpayer support to match oil prices. Tags: The Role Of A Watchdog In Texas Politics By: Chris Robertson | Nov 9th 2007 – When stories go unreported, it’s up to watchdog groups and publications to shine the light on political transgressions and hot button issues that can impact Texas and the rest of the country. Tags: An Overview Of The Iraq War By: Nick Carter | Nov 3rd 2007 – The controversial war in Iraq started with the US-led invasion in March 2003. The main reason offered for the proposed war was that Iraq has nuclear capabilities and that the war would act as a means of disabling such capabilities Tags: Another 50 Billion Dollars For Iraq By: Michael Dappert | Sep 2nd 2007 – More money for Iraq in addition to what has already been spent. 3 billion a week and counting. Tags: Hillary Tops Previous Flip Flops – Earmarks Or Ear Candy By: Rev Michael Bresciani | Aug 26th 2007 – With 43 Presidents weighed in and counted Americans can pretty much tell a politician from a statesman. Certain ear markings always accompany a statesman while political rhetoric and ear candy always seem to accompany the lesser aspirants to power. What are these signs and clues? Tags: What Everyone Missed In The Immigration Debate By: Doug Ragan | Jul 23rd 2007 – Are we missing the big picture in the debate over immigration reform? I’m not just talking about the misguided politicians who tried to shove a ridiculous amnesty bill down our throats. Have we the people allowed what really happened to go over our heads? Tags: Can Injured Iraq Veterans, Workers And Others Rehab Better And Stand Up Faster? By: Bin Yang | Jul 19th 2007 – A clear mind, efficient software, revitalized internal power, and good health can help injured Iraq war veterans, workers, accident victims and others to trust themselves more, try harder and smarter, rehab better and stand up faster. Tags: At Least One Voter Confused On Iraq War Polls By: Doug Ragan | Jul 18th 2007 – Few think we can win, but many think we should stay until September. Tags: Vote For Mike Gravel In 2008 By: James Randall Twist | Jun 17th 2007 – Former Alaskan Senator Mike Gravel is running for President in 2008. If you are a progressive person who is looking for real change in 2008 then I believe that you must look past the front runners such as Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Barack Obama and look towards Mike Gravel. While Clinton, Edwards, a … Tags: Education Is In The News, Thanks To A National Organization And Melinda Gates. By: Jake Solochek | Apr 26th 2007 – Education is ranked only 7th in a national poll (eclipsed by jobs and the Iraq war). A group in Washington, DC is working to increase awareness of solutions to chronic problems in schools. Tags: Why We’re Not Winning The War Against Terror�"’ By: Peter Davies | Mar 29th 2007 – Few people understand why it is inevitable that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will not end in victory for the United States of America and Britain. I’m not a journalist, but I did fight as a soldier in one war against insurgents; and in another civil war my business suffered devastating losses when caugh … Tags: Trade: Softwood Lumber Disputes And Soft Canadian Heads By: Stew Mayers | Mar 11th 2007 – Canada illegally subsidizes its softwood lumber industry.In fact about $4 billion per annum in various taxpayer funded transfers are given to the unionized lumber industry.This is not a surprise. Canadian trade policy has always been �"’˜managed’ trade.Outside of the key auto and auto parts sectors, very little in Canada … Tags: Us Market Dynamism! By: Stew Mayers | Feb 23rd 2007 – Paul Krugman, arrogant heir apparent for the mantle of chief cheerleader for demand-side Keynesian nonsense wrote on December 1 in the New York Times, [also known as the Jihad Guardian]: The last time things were this confused was early in 2001, when most economists failed to realize that the United States was sliding into … Tags: The Latest Hybrid Cars By: Richard Henderson | Jan 10th 2007 – The hybrid car has finally gone upmarket and now all the major companies are building their own. Take a look at the latest 2007 models. Tags: The First Step To Health Is To Recognise That You Are Sick And Need Treatment By: Mike Teng | Dec 28th 2006 – Proper medicine can only be administered after the acknowledgement that there is pain. Tags: The United States Merchant Marine Academy By: Barney Garcia | Nov 15th 2006 – Of the elite Military service academies, The United States Merchant Academy is charged with the responsibilities of training officers for the Merchant Marines, which are basically Auxiliary Navy Tags: Five Dramatic Developments In The Health Care Industry By: Josh Stone | Nov 11th 2006 – Medical science has made some shocking developments in the past twenty years. For the first time, our technology is reaching the point where we have to question our moral right to "play God". Tags: Youtube – The Left Wing Lapdog Of The Internet By: John Fair | Oct 17th 2006 – Conservative web users argue that their views are being suppressed on youtube. Even heavyweights like Republican Hollywood filmmaker David Zucker can be censored. A short film by Zucker, who worked with "Scary Movie 4," "Airplane!" and other comedies, reportedly had been offered to the Republican Party for us … Tags: Intelligent And Satirical T-shirts From Fusilly, Inc By: Word Content | Oct 16th 2006 – Tired of the same old t-shirts? Are you looking for something edgy and provocative? Or maybe a shirt with a little college humor to start the semester off right? Fusilly, Inc. is proud to announce its launch as a new kind of T-Shirt company aiming to change the way T-Shirts are done. Starting with the premise … Tags: How To Flatten A Penney By: A Raymond Randall | Jun 13th 2006 – The world is flat because nothing is proprietary. What can be made, learned, constructed, and used in America can be made, learned, constructed, and used almost anywhere. Information and innovation are not constrained; the Internet, the cell-phone, and imagination have global instincts. Almost anyone can flatten a penny. Tags: Blogs Could Become An Embarassing Exposure. By: Foggerty | Jun 3rd 2006 – Public entries intended for friends could become an embarrassing exposure. The number of places where young people go to bare their souls, to vent, to gossip is increasing. These places are the blogs "�" where people post their innermost thoughts for any number of Web surfers to see. "��My phil … Tags: Review On The Documentary "��control Room"�� By: Ken Charnly | May 31st 2006 – Control Room is an informative documentary about how the U.S. news networks and the Arab satellite news channel, Al-Jazeera, covered the early days of the war in Iraq. It is an eye-opening documentary which consistently solicits tough questions in the back of our minds. It captivates its audience in competing notions of tru … Tags: 相关的主题文章:

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