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UnCategorized The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and its accompanying national park are world renowned for their magnificent beauty, abundance of wildlife, and restful atmosphere. If you are planning on visiting soon, it’s a great idea to know a little about the area before you go. The Appalachian Mountains, of which the Smokies are a part, officially extend from Canada all the way down the eastern part of the United States to the Deep South! However, the areas most commonly associated with the term "Appalachian" refer to states located in the middle of the range such as Tennessee, Kentucky, and West Virginia. They are older and lower in elevation than their younger cousins to the west: the Rocky Mountains. The Appalachian’s highest peak is Mount Mitchell in North Carolina and measures 6,684 feet. Compared to most of the Appalachians, the Smokies are higher. In fact, Clingman’s Dome is close behind Mount Mitchell in elevation and is the highest mountain in the state of Tennessee. The Smoky Mountains were named after the blue colored mist that hovers around its peaks and valleys. The name is believed to have originated with the native Cherokee who called them shaconage, which means "place of the blue smoke." There is some confusion about how to spell the Smokies: some say "Smoky," some say "Smokey," and both are considered to be correct. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park near Pigeon Forge encompasses 814 square miles and is one of the largest protected areas in the eastern part of the country. The land’s acquisition in 1923 cost $12 million dollars then, but its value today would be incalculable. If you are a nature fan, there is plenty to enjoy within the park. Scientists have documented over 1,500 different species of plant life. Over 100 different kinds of trees grow there and it is one of the largest old growth forests west of the Mississippi. The Park contains the largest concentration of black bears anywhere in the United States, and elk were reintroduced to the area in 2001 and are beginning to repopulate the park. There are 64 other species of mammals to spot, along with a large variety of birds, fish, and reptiles. Great care has been taken to keep the Park friendly to all kinds of public recreation. There are 800 miles of horse trails alone for visitors and locals to enjoy. Hiking opportunities are practically endless, and include 70 miles of the original Appalachian Trail. Over 10 million visitors a year can’t be wrong. The Smokies are breathtakingly beautiful any time of year, whether they are coming alive in the spring, turning shades of red and yellow in the fall, or glistening white in the wintertime. They are a vital and valued part of what makes America great. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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