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Travel-and-Leisure Take the Fantastic Boat Tours in Puerto Vallarta Every discerning traveler can have the satisfaction of getting on a boat tour that matches his or her preferences with the advent of several boat tour operators. Island and beach tours may start off with a boat ride transporting vacationers to their main island stop such as in Caletas Beach. A complete boat tour like the Crucero Santamaria Tour offers a complete itinerary for the day where you get to have breakfast with continental taste, freshly served lunch in one of the beach stopovers, and plenty of water activities such as snorkeling, horseback riding, and hiking. Never worry about your kids, jump on a boat tour with Treasure Land Tours Marigalante and Black Pearl Ships where a handful of amusements await passengers of all ages plus the delicious food included. Puerto Vallartas night and sunset tours are ideal for a romantic escapade where guests can view the wonderful sunset of the Bay of Banderas on a cushioned seat paired with a sparkling wine. Uncover the Life under the Puerto Vallarta Sea With the abundant marine life in Puerto Vallarta, it is without a doubt that vacationers should never missed out snorkeling. Snorkeling in Puerto Vallarta is made easy and hassle free for many snorkelers, beginners and experts alike. Los Arcos and Marietas Islands are two of the most popular snorkeling sites in the area. The sea of Los Arcos is full of life with animals in their homes and territories, wonderful sights of coral beds, caves, and rock formations. Los Arcos Marine Parks holds in strict protection sea turtles, tropical fishes and the enormous black coral reef found in the deepest part of the ocean. Due to rich plankton deposits, the Marietas Island is full of all kinds and breeds of fishes within the habitable tropical reefs. These two sites are known to have been safe places for first time snorkelers as well as those trying to get the satisfaction of the experience. Uncovering the Art Riches of Puerto Vallarta Puerto Vallarta is definitely rich in art and culture of people, tradition, and landmarks. The peoples value for art is seen with the numerous art galleries and shops exhibiting modern and traditional artworks. The indigenous people of Puerto Vallarta, the Huichol Indians possess a talent on creating craftily bead works and yarn paintings that are highly in demand in the art market. Their creations portray their own traditions and belief. Many foreign and international artists have thrived in Puerto Vallarta to show their talents and masterpieces. Art shops and galleries displaying their works of art thrive in the downtown area of Puerto Vallarta. Established in 1987 is Galleria Pacificio holding in display art sculptures. Galleria Corsica has its Mexican Contemporary fine art and Galleria Omar Alonso specializes in both modern photography and antiques. Galleria Arte Latinoamericano, Galleria Feedma, and Galleria Dante are also examples of art galleries in Puerto Vallarta. Getting Acquainted with Animals in Puerto Vallarta Land and sea animals abound the rich city of Puerto Vallarta. There are numerous animals that you can get to know and interact with. With Puerto Vallartas bird watching tour, one can get acquainted with the different species and characteristics of birds that abound the area. Feel like a cowboy and experience horseback riding as you tour around Mexican haciendas and natural landscapes. Dolphin encounters enables one to interact, touch, and even swim along with dolphins and whales. A dive into the deeper parts of the ocean, youll be able to see tropical fishes, sea turtles, octopus and other marine life at its best. With this extraordinary opportunity, youll learn all about these creatures like their anatomy, their habitation, the way they survive and everything there is to know about them. Tour guides or biologists who are adeptly trained and skilled are all ready to provide all the informative facts about them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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