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Weight-Loss There are many drinks these days. Little do people know that some of these special drinks are one of the culprits of their abnormal large size! Indeed, obesity is one of the topmost problems in health. It has caused and triggered lots of diseases which even cost many lives. Getting back to nature and all the natural things it offers can help in shedding off that flab. The basic yet most effective way to lose weight is not taking in diet pills but to reorganize one"s lifestyle. Even the new diet pills can not work long term for all weight strugglers. Moreover, changing lifestyle does not have negative side effects unlike tablets or pills. The very first thing to change to be able to reach desired body figure is the mindset. One should be determined to do the change. He should be motivated, hardworking, and never giving up since losing weight is really not that easy. Food is one of the basic things to consider. A dieter should be able to develop the ability to choose the right foods. In general, low caloric and low fat foods should be consumed against high caloric and high fat ones. The second thing to consider is what we drink. Let us remember that our body is three-fourths water. Well, absolutely, this does not mean that we should lessen our intake of water to lose some pounds. Changing what we drink is the key to achieve a better body figure. As we have mentioned, there are lots of drinks available these days. If we look at these closely, there are those that have greater number of calories than our food. And, let us bear in mind that micronutrients and other contents travel and effect faster in liquid. We are not new to the fact that colas or soft drinks have high calorie content. Thus, a dieter should lessen and eventually cut off his intake of such carbonated drinks. Do you know that for every twenty ounces of Coke we drink, we are actually consuming 250 calories? Imagine that. So how about if we drink several glasses in a day, how many liquid calories will be added to our body? Just imagine those sugary drinks with empty calories going straight to your waist and being stocked there! Keep in mind that for every 3,500 calories not taken in, one pound is lost. How about diet sodas? They may be claimed as free from calorie but many issues have risen about it. There is a controversial issue on its artificial sweetener having indirect effect on weight gain. Yes, weight gain and not loss. A published study in the 80"s stated that artificial sweeteners can increase appetite, and recently, health experts found out that these artificial sweeteners increase cravings for sweet foods. Thus, diet sodas are not actually for dieters. Also, alcohol should be avoided. Now, the best drink is still water, pure mineral water "" eight glasses of water per day. This may be an old and normal clich but it is very essential to maintain a perfect figure and also optimum health. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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