she would probably start off by telling you that attitude is one of the key factors in being beautiful and looking your very best. If you would ask her to explain 四川茂县山体垮塌 清华北大游客爆满

Fashion-Style you have a friend, relative, co-worker, or casual acquaintance that always looks like a million bucks? Does her hair and clothes always look fabulous, and you find yourself feeling just a slight bit jealous? If you were to ask your friend how she looks beautiful all of the time, her honest answers may surprise you! You would probably expect her to tell you about the large amounts of money she spends on her wardrobe, and the hours she spends in front of the mirror to attain that look you so desire. But in all reality, she would probably start off by telling you that attitude is one of the key factors in being beautiful and looking your very best. If you would ask her to explain, this is probably what she would tell you: Attitude affects the way you carry yourself. Your posture, facial expressions and words say so much about you. If you slouch, frown and complain regularly, you give the impression of a person who may be lazy and unhappy, which are character traits that are less than desirable. People are not drawn to those who have a chip on their shoulder. On the other hand, if you hold your head up, smile regularly, and freely compliment others, you have already attained a certain amount of respect and beauty in the eyes of others, along with showing those around you that you respect yourself. Compassion and sincerely caring for others just adds to this beauty. How? By refusing to lower your expectations of yourself, giving in to selfishness, gossip and carelessness. When your reputation means everything to you, you will be careful with your actions and your words. This does not mean that you feel you are better than others-it simply shows that you have made conscious decisions to rise above circumstances and temptations. When you meet others with these traits, you will also notice that they are truly humble. When you care about yourself, you practice good hygiene. You bathe regularly, wear deodorant and maybe a light scent, fix your hair attractively, brush your teeth, and wear clean clothes that are not stained and wrinkled. Eating properly and shedding extra pounds are a definite plus! Once you learn these basics, you will be well on your way to completing that fabulous look, and the finishing touches are easier than you think! Once you decide to care for yourself through your attitude and hygiene, you want to dress attractively too! Your main dilemma is the cost you would have to put into a new wardrobe that flatters you. Dressing beautifully does not have to cost a fortune. Surprisingly, there are many who have never been in a thrift store or consignment shop. Their impression of such places is often tainted, believing that only "poor" people shop there, or all of the clothing must be ripped or stained. This simply is not true. Many items are being sold in these stores and shops because the owner bought the wrong size, lost too much weight for the items to fit them properly, or only needed a plus size wedding dresses outfit for a wedding, and regularly declutter. You may wonder what the difference is between a consignment shop and a thrift store. Consignment shops are a little different from thrift stores. The clothing sold in these shops are brought in by their owners, who carefully inspect their items for rips and stains. The clothing is tagged with a personal number, and for each piece of clothing that is sold, the profit is split between the store owner and the clothing owner. Consignment shops are ideal for finding career clothing, outfits for a wedding or special occasion, children’s gently used clothing and other items. Thrift stores are similar, but are donated items, so you do have to examine your items before purchasing because there are some things that do have stains or rips. But don’t let that scare you away! I have personally purchased several name brand items with store tags still attached, and most items cost me under $5. I also bought a women’s skirt suit that was in excellent condition for under $10, but normally sells brand new for around $1000. Yes, that is correct-one thousand dollars. One person’s clutter is another person’s treasure! Are you still feeling a little envious toward that friend or relative who seems to sparkle inside and out? I’ve just given you the main ingredients to what makes a woman beautiful. Once you determine to carry yourself with the utmost respect, take a trip to one of these fabulous stores, and find some flattering outfits that you love! You’ll be surprised how affordable being beautiful really is-a smile, care and compassion, self respect and a few perfectly priced outfits will allow you to feel what true beauty is, from the inside, and not as an onlooker. Copyright,if copy,please make a link to us! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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