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Posted By: Srikrishna Das Each enterprise finds it a daunting challenge to implement the software testing strategy effectively. In addition to being labor-intensive, software QA processes further require efficient collaboration between software developers, testers and users. So a constant increase is noted in the number of companies adopting crowdsourced testing solutions. The innovative form of software testing enables organizations to avail the combined advantages of crowdsourcing and Cloud computing. Unlike conventional software QA methods, crowdsourced testing can be performed by community of external expert QA engineers working from different location. The organization is, thus, not required to hire any experienced testers and consultants to test the application in a realistic environment. However, each enterprise has several options to access to the crowd. In addition to using a self-service model to access the crowd, an organization can consider availing crowdsourced testing solutions through managed service provides. Also, a company can avail both self-serviced and managed crowdsourced testing solutions. It is always important for an organization to choose the crowdsourced testing solutions according to the nature and significance of a specific task.web application testing hire software testers software testing services application software testing application testing database testing functi web application testing Software Stress Testing Protects Enterprise Apps Posted By: Srikrishna Das An organization has option to evaluate the quality of an enterprise application through both manual and automated software testing options. But the test strategy must consider evaluating both functional as well as non-functional aspects of the application. Along with the look, feel, features and functionalities of the software, it is also important to test beyond its normal operational capacity. Software stress testing is used to determine the stability and operational capacity of an application. The key objective of the non-functional testing is to ensure that the enterprise apps do not crash in the live environment due to insufficient memory, disk space or other computational resources. Along with considering the correct behavior of the enterprise application under normal circumstances, the testing further aim to protect it in production environment by emphasizing on availability, robustness and error handing under a heavy load. How to Protect Enterprise Apps in Live Environment through Stress Testing Finds Critical Memory Problems Often enterprise apps crash due to lack of adequate memory. But the flaws will not reflect in a single instance. So stress tests need to be carried out constantly to find the critical memory problems and concurrency bugs.web application testing qa testing services hire software testers load testing web services load testing team experts outsource load testing hir web application testing Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Load Test Your Application Posted By: Steve Nellon The popularity of an application, interface or system depends on several factors. Along with deciding the right look and feel of the application, an enterprise also has to explore options to optimize its performance and scalability. As a performance measurement option, load testing evaluates the response of a web application by putting demand. The load testing is performed by keeping in mind the normal as well as anticipated peak load on the system. In addition to determining the maximum operating capacity of the application, load testing also help enterprises to identify and fix the bottlenecks. In addition to reducing the cost and timescale of the software development project, a comprehensive load testing plan can further increase the ROI. At the same time, an enterprise can avail a number of advantages by integrating load testing as part of the initial application development plan. Why You Should Load Test Your Application? Determine the Fluctuations in the Performance of Your New Applications: Each enterprise wants the web application to go viral within a shorter span of time. So each newly developed application must be tested thoroughly to determine the impact of both normal and high load.web software testing hire load testers certified load testers automated load testing services load testing web services hire performance testers web software testing What Should Your Testing Checklist Contain? Posted By: Ken Miller agile software testing alpha testing agile software testing How To Protect Data Corruption By Testing ? Posted By: Emerson Chavez Testing as a Service India TaaS India QTP Testers India Offshore Software testing Software testing company Certified testing company India QTP t Testing as a Service India Why Automation Testing ? Posted By: Robert Teal Mindfire Solutions is a leading offshore Software Testing provider. We are into both Manual Testing and Automation Testing since last 12 years. We provide our sophisticated offshore software testing service to our global client. We have more than 50 QA engineers, who are dedicatedly working on QA team to server our client on multiple application testing. All our test engineers are certified QTP testers and ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) certified. We have working on different tools while we automated any software application or product. We often use tools like QTP, Selenium, and Ruby Watir for Automation testing and use our well-equipped testing lab for Manual Testing. We have all the necessary items in our lab which are helping our testing engineers to test products/ application. In our testing lab we have MAC machine with all OS versions to serve the client if their application built is MAC environment, we have Linux machine to server our client if their application built in Linux OS, we have mobile app environment if our client want to test their mobile apps and all.Offshore Software testing Software testers needed Software testing company dedicated QA testers dedicated QA and Automated testers QTP testers in Offshore Software testing India Is Becoming A Leading Outsourcing Hub For Qa Services Posted By: spec india India is becoming a leading outsourcing hub for QA services What is outsourcing? Outsourcing means engaging a company or an individual to carry our certain activities of behalf of you i.e. engaging another company to design or develop solution on behalf of them. Outsourcing is done across different countries like Russia, Philippines, Mexico, China, Ireland and Canada, but still India is one of the most preferred outsourcing destinations. The main advantage of outsourcing your work to India is the quality of work realized at such cost effective rates, which in turn enables the companies to earn more profits. As not all Software Quality Assurance companies are equipped with QA teams, they normally preferred to engage to third party for testing the application. By involving a third party QA service provider you will get an unbiased opinion on your applications.Software Development India Software Development India Qtp Testing Services Posted By: Rabindra Dicosta QTP Services Ruby Watir Services India Offshore Selenium Services regression test automation upgrage to QTP10 Web Application Testing QTP Services Digital Asset Management System Posted By: Rabindra Dicosta A digital asset is an image, audio, or video file or any other rich content fragment that is used by an organization in applications across the enterprises. Digital asset management systems (DAMS) include computer software and hardware systems that aid in the process of digital asset management. A digital asset management system not only saves time but also saves money. A digital asset management system manages assets through a visual database of multimedia files that can be organized accordingly. It enhances multi-site collaboration AND reviews with secure and provides centralized accesses. The most important advantage of digital asset management system is that it automates unique workflows for creative, production and other business environment. It also boosts efficiency and saves a lot of time that supports quality control and improves workflow. Along with all these functions, a DAMS provides value-added services like asset storage and instant access anytime, from anywhere. Mindfire Solutions one of the leading software development and IT consulting company in India is a pioneer in developing such software applications. The details of the project are discussed below.CMS Testing Services Enterprise Application Testing Mac Testing Web Application Testing Desktop Application Testing Load Testing CMS Testing Services Digital Asset Management System Posted By: Leopoldo Molina Prevention is better than cure. Businesses that continuously strive to improve their standards of quality and customer service obviously gain a competitive edge. QA testing monitors and tries to improve the development process from the start of a project, so that a project is completed according to pre-described specifications. Quality Assurance testing authenticates that the project will be completed on the previously agreed specifications, standards and functionality required without defects and errors. QA testing helps the team to communicate and understand the problems better. The main aim of Outsource Quality Assurance testing is to identify risks and reduce it the early stage of development rather than the later stages. Quality Assurance testing helps to execute business strategies more effectively. Offshore Quality assurance is used to deliver the quality product to the client according to his requirements and budget. It makes the process of software development defect free and the primary focus of QA is on facilitation, training, audits and QA reviews, there by ensuring defect free software development processes. Mindfire Solutions is a 12 years old Software development and testing company in India. We provide expert Quality Assurance testing services.CMS Testing Services Enterprise Application Testing Mac Testing Web Application Testing Desktop Application Testing Load Testing CMS Testing Services Bug Tracking System Posted By: Leopoldo Molina Fix the Bug! In the software testing arena it is the most common phenomena. After a application is developed, it is given to qualified testers for testing and if any bug or issue is found, it should be fixed to deliver an error free application. If by any chance a bug is missed, then it is give for retesting to dedicated offshore testers. This arises a need for a bug tracking system. A bug tracking system is a software application that is designed to help quality assurance and programmers keep track of reported software bugs in their work. It may be otherwise called as the issue tracking system. Many bug tracking systems allows the testers to enter bug reports directly and are integrated with other software project management applications. In addition to bugs, you need to track a variety of project-related issues, such as tasks, feature requests, and change notices. Having a reliable and robust bug tracking system is very important in software development, and is nowadays used by companies developing both software product and services. Consistent use of bug tracking system is a sign of a good and efficient software development team.Offshore Outsourcing IT Consulting Custom Software Development Mindfire Solutions IT Services India Offshore Outsourcing Enterprise Software Testing Posted By: Aubrey Marshall Nowadays many companies face new challenges while designing effective and efficient testing strategies for enterprise applications. Incomplete or flawed test data means inaccurate testing, which can lead to application failure and business disruption. The basic approaches to build test environments include cloning application production environments and writing custom extract programs. These testing methods can be labor intensive, error prone and costly. None of the client would like to risk losing customers, market share, brand equity or revenue by delivering applications that have not been thoroughly tested. For this reason, looking for a dedicated enterprise application testing company is a must. Ensuring Both End-User and System-Wide Quality for Enterprise Applications, dedicated performance testing companies, use industry leading tools to perform most complete and collaborative Enterprise Software Testing solutions. Mindfire Solution is one such company delivering quality testing services. Our tools and techniques allows QA, development and analyst teams to rapidly design and execute functional, unit, regression and load tests against dynamic web sites (RIAs), as well as natively testing and verifying business logic within most middle-tier technologies that exist below the UI, and extending to provide a test harness for custom and legacy applications.Enterprise Application Testing Modular Testing Recovery Testing Fail-over Testing Unit Testing Regression Testing Integration Testing Enterprise Application Testing 相关的主题文章:

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