4-6 northerly winds have blown the temperature will gradually drop Hangzhou today is up to 13 DEG C chompoo araya

4-6 northerly winds have blown the temperature will gradually drop up to 13 DEG C, Hangzhou today in Hangzhou for a week the weather will continue to lower the temperature of Hangzhou, this morning will drop to 9 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature of 13 degrees, the north wind to greet. However, this is not the Hangzhou cold air temperature after the "freezing point" — on the morning of 11 will be the lowest temperatures of the cold air process. Hangzhou meteorological observatory is expected to be around 8 degrees Celsius, close to the lowest value of the last cold air impact, in November 3rd, the temperature of 8.1 degrees celsius. Yesterday morning, the city people to enjoy the "cold wind cooling + + package". The day before yesterday night, a total of 156 stations in Hangzhou, there are more than 6 winds, which, including the Xiaoshan Railway Station, including the 17 stations more than 8 wind. Why is it so cold? This is called "in meteorology, cold effect" is a result caused by the wind, the body feeling temperature than the actual temperature low phenomenon. From a large number of scientific experiments, summed up the relationship between wind speed and human feeling of well-being: when the temperature is over 0 DEG C when the wind, every 2 increase, the cold feeling will drop to 3~5 degrees; the temperature below 0 DEG C when the wind, every 2 increase, the cold feeling will drop 6~8 C. Yesterday, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a cold blue warning. The provincial meteorological observatory also released a report – cooling affected by cold air, the temperature will gradually decline in our province, and tomorrow the lowest temperature in mountain areas of northwestern Zhejiang Province 7-9 C in coastal areas 11-13 degrees, in other areas the minimum temperature is 9-11 DEG C; this process appears in the morning of 11, the lowest temperature in Northwest Zhejiang mountain 5-7 C, coastal areas 9-11 C, the rest of 7-9 C. "Before the sunrise, the temperature will continue to fall, which explains why the lowest temperature of the day usually occurs early in the morning. Of course, this radiation cooling process is also affected by the state of the sky: the sky cloud more night, like a ground cover quilt, to "warm" role, thus cooling is not too serious; on a clear night, like a cloud cover quilt, the temperature dropped more." The 10 day (Thursday): rain cloudy, north wind 3-4 10~14 C, 11 day (Friday): cloudy, north wind 2-3 8~17 C, 12 day (Saturday): cloudy, 10~19 C, north wind 2-3 13 day (Sunday): overcast to cloudy, north wind 2-3 11~20 degrees. The 14 day (Monday): cloudy, 12~20 C, north wind 2-3 15 day (Tuesday): 13~20 degrees, cloudy, north wind 2-3相关的主题文章:

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