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21, the implementation of a unified rule over the new regulations limit standard specification punishment rule over the original title: new regulations for managing the implementation of Changsha Evening News "transportation vehicle management regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") today began to implement. The "provision" is divided into five chapters, a total of fifty-five, a unified standard of over limit, to optimize the transport licensing process, strengthen the management of highway transportation vehicles, the standard of illegal transportation behavior punishment etc.. Party secretary, director of municipal highway administration Huan Canyong introduced this year Changsha vigorously promote scientific and technological work overload, throughout the year will invest more than 4000 yuan, to improve the construction of 11 stations, 15 sets of parking overload detection system, construction of city, county, station, key source of enterprise interoperability overload information platform. This year 1-8 month, the detection of freight vehicles 1040356 times, investigate and deal with illegal transportation vehicles 8260 times. The next step will be in strict accordance with the "Regulations", to increase efforts to investigate illegal transportation, promote the transformation of work overload to normalization, and effectively protect the safety of highway bridges. Note 1 two axle truck is the total weight of goods shall not exceed the total quality of travel card showing. 2 in addition to the driving shaft, the Legend Group, two axis three axis group and semi trailer and full trailer, each reduction of two tires, its total quality limit to reduce 3 tons. 3 installation of nominal section width not less than 425mm and an automobile tire trailer train, drive shaft nominal section width not less than 445mm of the truck tire and an automobile train, its total quality limit will not be reduced. 4 drive shaft for each axis of each side and double tire equipped with air suspension, the total mass of 3 trucks and 4 axis limits each increase of 1 tons; the drive shaft for each axis dual tires on each side and equipped with air suspension, 4 axis articulated trains between the two and half trailer distance d = 1800mm, total the quality limit of 37 tons. No train 5 legend, according to "car, car and trailer train dimensions, axle load and limit value" (GB1589-2016) regulations, determine the total quality of the corresponding value. (Changsha evening news reporter Wu Xinfan correspondent Tan Zhi)相关的主题文章:

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