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13 year old children 80 year old blood vessels such as just because my father at home smoking at the age of 13 Shanghai baby Maria Tung (a pseudonym) has been shouting headache, when he was sent to the hospital, up to 180 of the systolic blood pressure to Ruijin hospital, director of Shanghai Hypertension Research Institute Professor Wang Jiguang startled. "Parents have normal blood pressure, and all of the clinical tests are normal. Why do the blood vessels of the child, like the eighty – year – old man, have the same severity of vascular endothelial damage, but the disappearance of the pulse?" Doctors are not the solution. When the father of the child to the clinic for consultation, floating far from a smell of smoke to finally let Wang Jiguang see light suddenly, "will be the second-hand smoke?" The original father ten years has been home to smoke, and smoking a pack of cigarettes every day is quite big, 3-5. For the sake of the child, his father decided not to smoke at home. In the father’s cooperation, as well as the doctor’s personalized drug therapy, the child’s blood pressure began to gradually reduce. Now the blood pressure has returned to normal, the examination shows that the vascular endothelium has been basically normal, blood vessels completely restored to health, will be discontinued in the near future. The incidence rate of hypertension in children 2% Australia had an epidemiological survey, surveyed three types, including the children of smoking parents not smoking; parents children smoking no smoking; parents and children were smoking. The results showed that secondhand smoke was more serious than that of cigarette smoking. Wang Jiguang revealed that more and more children and adolescents found hypertension in the clinic. The impact of high blood pressure on children may be harmful to life. Wang Jiguang had met the same 13 year old child, the child suddenly grew fat at the age of 10, parents have always thought that children eat more, fat is normal. But the children in grades from reduced to reciprocal, father anxious to bring the child to the hospital found that the child was hypertension, further examination found that children have hypothyroidism, resulting in the child’s intelligence stays around the age of 10. Experts call for examination by Wang Jiguang pointed out that the intake of salt sugar increase, lack of exercise, learning pressure rising and a large number of second-hand smoke, which is the cause of hypertension in adolescents. At present, the incidence of hypertension in children in the rate of 2%, and Shanghai from 2010 to 7 to 17 year old school students of the medical data, boys and girls. The prevalence rate of hypertension reached 6.9% and 6% respectively, each age group is similar to that of the field data is also very consistent. In clinical practice, many children are found in physical examination of hypertension in front of the entrance, leading to some university professional can not apply for; and for children with hypertension, many congenital diseases, but most patients are because of proteinuria were found in hypertension, and renal function of the child has been damaged. Experts suggest that attention should be paid to the monitoring of blood pressure in children and adolescents, especially for children who smoke, the annual blood pressure should be checked. Young people with high blood pressure, before the development of the removal of risk factors and etiology, and with active treatment, due to the rapid development of the blood vessels, can often be fully restored to health. It seems that vascular maintenance, is no longer just the elderly talent.相关的主题文章:

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